Personal dosimeter for employed or associated members of the personnel

You can obtain a personal dosimeter if you meet the following conditions:

  1. You have a valid contract with CERN and, in this context, you are required to work in a CERN Radiation Area.
  2. You have successfully completed the appropriate CERN radiation protection training.
  3. You have read and signed the CERN Personal Dosimeter - Reception Form (pdf). You need to sign this document only the first time you request a dosimeter.
  4. Depending on your status at CERN, you fulfil the following conditions:
    1. Employed members of the personnel (MPE: staff, fellows, apprentices)

      There are two categories of profesionally exposed workers: category A and category B. Unless othewise specified by your supervisor or medical service, by default all workers at CERN are cassified as category B workers.

      Category A workers ( annual dose potentially > 6 mSv) :the CERN Medical Service must confirm your medical fitness to be occupationally exposed to ionising radiation following a medical examination and blood test. Please contact the Medical Service by phone 78435 or mail to get an appointment for a medical examination and blood test. 

      Category B workers (annual dose < 6 mSv : 99% of CERN exposed workers) : No specific medical fitness is required.

    2. Associated members of the personnel for the purpose of training (MPA-t: doctoral, technical and administrative students and trainees)

      Unless otherwise agreed between CERN and your home institution, CERN will, on behalf of your home institution, classify you as radiation worker. Being classified as exposed worker of category B, no specific medical examination is required. 

    3. Associated members of the personnel (MPA, other than MPA-t)

      If you are an associated member of the personnel other than for the purpose of training, you must provide either:

      1. a valid and up to date radiation passport
      2. a certificate in the prescribed format signed by your home institution. If you encounter difficulties in filling in and signing the certificate, please contact the Dosimetry Service.

Short-term dosimeter for associated members of the personnel (except MPA-t)
If you stay at CERN for less than 2 months in a calendar year and work only in Supervised Radiation Areas, you may request a short-term dosimeter without the need to provide any of the above documents (radiation passport or home institution certificate). In this case your maximum allowed personal dose is limited to 1 mSv per year. The two months period can be fractioned over the calendar year. Please return your dosimeter whenever you leave CERN or when you are absent for several weeks.

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