On this page you will find all documents provided by the Dosimetry Service (forms, notices and manuals), which you can download for your personal use.


Document Type
Radiation Protection training - fact sheet pdf
Short-term visitor dosimeter for Users - fact sheet pdf
Operational dosimeter - User guide pdf
Working on the CERN site pdf
Safety Code F - Radiation Protection pdf
Les responsabilités en matière de protection contre les rayonnements ionisants pour le travail en Zone Réglementée du CERN (French only) pdf


Document Type
CERN Personal Dosimeter - reception form and fact sheet
* to be signed before receiving a dosimeter *
Certificate for associated members of the personnel (Institute Certificate)  pdf
Lost or damaged Dosimeter declaration pdf


Document Type
DMC 2000 S data sheet pdf
DMC 2000 S Quick User Guide pdf
DMC 3000 data sheet pdf
DMC 3000 Quick User Guide pdf
DIS-1 Manual pdf

Radiation protection / experts 

Document Type
CERN Radiological conditions for INFN (IT) pdf