Radiation protection training

Successfully attending a CERN-specific radiation protection course is obligatory prior to working in Radiation Areas and required for obtaining a personal dosimeter. The course type is linked to the radiological classification of the area where you will be working. To identify the radiological classification of the area where the work will be performed, please consult to the RAISIN database (https://cern.ch/raisin - CERN account and login required).


Training for work in Supervised Radiation Areas

Personnel working  in Supervised Radiation Areas only, have to follow the e-learning training course for Supervised Radiation Areas. Enrollement is not permitted unless you have taken all the basic mandatory courses.

It is obligatory to complete the course prior to working in these areas. The course is available on the CERN Learning Hub , click Safety then Radiation Protection and select: "RP Training for CERN Supervised Radiation Areas" 

The course will take about 20 minutes. If you have a CERN account you can access the online course from your computer.

Please note that the e-learning training course does not allow you to work in a Controlled Radiation Area (see below).


Training for work in Controlled Radiation Areas

Personnel working in Controlled Radiation Areas have to follow a full-day course, consisting of theoretical and practical parts treating different radiation protection aspects (physical basics, biological effects, regulations and rules, radiation protection principles, protection measures). Taking the course for controlled radiation areas automatically entitles you to work in supervised radiation areas as well.

Persons who have a CERN account can subscribe to the course directly on the CERN learning Hub, click Safety then Radiation Protection and select:  Radiation Protection – Controlled Area Initial

If you do not have a CERN account, please contact your supervisor, CERN Safety Coordinator or Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) for advice.

For all questions concerning the course organization and enrollment please call +41 22 76 64495 or contact via e-mail: safety-training@cern.ch.

The radiation protection course for Controlled Radiation Areas is valid for a period of three years. After three years you have to follow the refresher training on the CERN Learning Hub , click Safety then Radiation Protection and select: "Radiation Protection - Controlled Area - Refresher", to keep the validity of the course and the corresponding access authorisations.