Dosimeter readout

Readout Station

Personal dosimeter

You need to readout your personal dosimeter at least once per month at one of the reader stations installed at a large number of locations around CERN. Regular readout is essential to ensure the periodic monitoring of your personal dose. The monthly readout is also required by the Swiss and French Authorities. To assign a correct monthly dose value, you should read your dosimeter at the beginning of each month. If you are absent during the first week of a month or for a longer period, you must however ensure that your dosimeter is read. For longer absences (> 1 month), you should return the dosimeter to the Dosimetry Service.

Operational dosimeter

The dosimeter is activated before accessing a Controlled Radiation Area using an operational dosimeter reader station. After exiting the area a new readout must be done in order to deactivate the dosimeter. This action sends the measured dose value to the Operational Dosimetry Database. If you don't use your dosimeter for more than 1 month, you will be requested to bring it back the the Dosimetry Service.

Reader stations

The map below can show the location of the personal dosimeter readers and operational dosimeter readers. Click in the menu (below '3D'),successively select: "points of interest",  "health and safety", "Dosimeter readers (DIS)" or "Dosimeter reader (DMC)".

The following table gives the complete list of personal dosimeter reader stations:

Meyrin Site  
Dosimetry Service 55-R-201
Main Building 500-R-203
Restaurant 2 504-R-202
PS Cafeteria 6-1-201
HSE unit 24-E-204
PH Building 17-R-202
TE Building 30-2-202
PH Building 40-R-202
GS Building 54-R-202
EN Building 112-1-204
Medical Service 57-R-202
Fire Brigade 65-R-204
RP Building Meyrin 561-R-201
PS Booster 361-2-202
PS, Door D.102 152
ISOLDE Hall 170-R-001
ISOLDE Target area 179-R-204
PS, Door D.121 151-R-267
East Area, Door D.152 157
Rad. waste management 184-S-C03
Prevessin Site  
CCC 874
Restaurant 3 866-R-201
RP Building Prevessin 892-R-201
TE Building 865-R-201
Rad. workshops 867-R-251
BA 3 870-R-009
BA 80 889-R-002
BA 81 890-R-203
ECN3 911-R-001
TCC8 912-R-201
EHN1 887-R-254/270
SPS Sites  
BA 1 868-R-002
BA 2 869-R-001
BA 4 871-R-009
ECA 4  (BA4) 921-R-208
TCC4/TCC61 804-U0-A01
BA 5 872-R-009
BA 6 873-R-010
BA 7 876-R-001
LHC Sites  
Point 1 SD1 2155-R-001
Point 1 SDX1 3178-R-J03
Point 2 SD2 2255-R-001
Point 2 SX2 2285-R-001
Point SZ33 2395-R-201
Point 5 SD5 2555-R-001
Point 5 SDX5 3578-R-D01
Point SD6 2655-R-001
Point 8 SZ8 2895-R-001