Annual dosimeter exchange


Personal dosimeter

After your dosimeter has been used for one year it must be exchanged. You will receive an email in due time, requesting the return of your dosimeter within one month.  On its return, you will receive in exchange a new DIS-1 dosimeter and a new neutron dosimeter. If you fail to return the dosimeter in time, the dosimeter is considered as lost and its cost will be charged to your Department or Company (CHF 350).

Please go to the Biometry Service, 1st floor in Building 55, to exchange your dosimeter.

The neutron dosimeter will be removed from its badge and sent to an external provider to evaluate the accumulated dose. The returned DIS-1 dosimeter will undergo maintenance and calibration before being reassigned to another user.

Operational dosimeter

Your operational dosimeter will be recalled at least once per year for maintenance and verification. If required, you will receive a replacement dosimeter.