Using your dosimeter

Your personal dosimeter is ready to use as soon as you collect it from the Dosimetry Service.

Please observe the following rules for use and handle your dosimeter with care:

Yes ...

  • Wear your dosimeter(s) on your chest.
  • Wear your dosimeter(s) on top of your own or protective clothing.
  • The low-energy radiation window on the personal dosimeter must always face outwards and nothing must cover it.
  • If you are not using your dosimeter always store it in the same place - in your office or in a dedicated dosimeter rack.
  • Bring or send back your dosimeter to the Dosimetry Service if you will not be using it for longer than 1 month.

... and no!

  • Do not remove the dosimeter or its components from the holder.
  • Do not expose your dosimeter to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
  • Do not put your dosimeter into any liquid. It is not waterproof !
  • Do not take your dosimeter with you to appointments to the doctor or dentist.
  • Do not touch the low-energy radiation window.

If you intend to work in Radiation Areas outside CERN please contact the Dosimetry Service beforehand.

If you have exposed your dosimeter to any of the sources listed above, please go to the Dosimetry Service. We might need to change your dosimeter and/or evaluate the impact on the measurement.

Operational dosimeters

To use your operational dosimeter, you must activate it in one of the operational dosimeter reader stations. These stations are usually installed close to the access points of Controlled Radiation Areas. You will need an IMPACT number, which will be provided by your work or project supervisor.

Please follow the instructions for using an operational dosimeter.

Note: An inactive operational dosimeter (showing your CERN ID number) does not measure any dose nor give an alarm. 

The picture below shows an active operational dosimeter (in measurement mode).