My access request to an area has been refused by the system. Why doesn't my dosimeter work?

The Dosimetry Service provides you with a gamma and neutron dosimeter. The blue part on the top of your dosimeter is an RF identifier which allows identification for access control to certain areas. This part of the device is managed by the Access Service:


Access refusal is not necessarily linked to your dosimeter. It is possible that your access authorizations have been withdrawn or your safety courses are no longer valid. You can check all your access authorizations and safety course validity status on ADaMS. If the message "Person with RFID card and no active card in FOUNDATION" is shown on your ADaMS profile, your biometry is not active. You need to come to the Biometry Service in Building 55 to update your biometry status. However, if you dosimeter status is shown as invalid, please contact the Dosimetry Service.