Personal dosimeter for contractors

To obtain a personal dosimeter for your personnel working in CERN Radiation Areas the following conditions must be met:
  1. You must be a contractor holding a valid contract with CERN.
  2. You have taken note of CERN’s rules and procedures applicable for work in CERN Radiation Areas and you agree to take all necessary measures to ensure that your personnel concerned understands and complies with these rules and procedures.
  3. You have designated a qualified Radiation Protection Expert. The name and address of the expert must be communicated to the Dosimetry Service before requesting a dosimeter.
  4. You have obtained the relevant authorisation(s) issued by your home country as well as a license (pdf) from the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health for the work in presence of ionising radiation.
  5. You have provided a general training in radiation protection to the personnel concerned.
  6. Your personnel must have followed the required specific radiation protection training for the relevant CERN Radiation Area.
  7. You have organised the medical and dosimetric follow-up of the personnel concerned in accordance with the national law applicable to you. You will provide the personnel concerned with legal passive personal dosimeters in addition to the ones provided by CERN. The Dosimetry Service ensures independent individual dosimetry for all persons working in CERN Radiation Areas. To this end your personnel concerned will be provided with a CERN personal dosimeter. You must ensure that your personnel wears both, yours and CERN’s, passive dosimeters for all work in CERN Radiation Areas.
  8. Each member of your personnel concerned must have read and signed the CERN Personal Dosimeter - Reception Form (pdf). This is only needed for the first dosimeter.

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