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Dosimetry service office is open at usual hours : 08h30-12h00.

Your requests can be treated by mail : dosimetry.service@cern.ch     

There will be no penalties from late reading or late dosimeter return for the time being.

The Dosimetry Service organises the legally required personal dosimetry monitoring of individuals occupationally exposed to ionising radiation at CERN. 

The persons monitored include employed (Staff, Fellows, Apprentices) and associated (Users, Associates, Students, ...) members of the personnel, contractors and temporary personnel. The service supplies 11000 dosimeters annually for gamma and neutron radiation monitoring to potentially exposed workers. If required specific dosimeters for extremity dosimetry, as well as assessments for internal dosimetry, are organised by the service. The individual doses are transmitted to the host states authorities according to the national regulations and the signed agreements. The methods for dose calculations are approved by the Federal Office for Public Health in Switzerland ( OFSP)

The Dosimetry Service also provides operational dosimeters to about 1500 monitored persons for complementary dosimetry. These are used for work and dose optimisation purposes.

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